• Flavours of the world enters the market for Summer!

    Well it’s been a very busy few months at the market for August/September but we are very proud to announce that the Flavours of the World food section at the St Kilda Esplanade Market is now a permanent fixture. The new stallholders all bring their own incredible range of talents and tastes every Sunday to the new section which is located opposite the Espy Hotel, just past the footbridge.

    One of the main goals is to introduce as much high quality flavours as possible but also hopefully representing as many different parts of the world as possible. We have been exceptionally fortunate with the new traders who have joined us, many of whom are familiar with the area as the have helped work at the St Kilda Festival every year.

    This new section has been incredibly vibrant since it started in July and we invite everyone to come down to start their day with breakfast, followed by a walk through the market! We have a wide range of flavours from savoury to sweet, pies, calamari, paella and more with many of these delicsious options prepared right in front of you.

    The other very exciting thing to see return to the market is the Sunshine! The last several Sunday’s have all been fantastic with lots of sun and warm weather which signals the start of the Spring/Summer season at the market. Alongside the beach the area really picks up during the warmer weather as St Kilda comes alive.

    Treasures and memories are available every Sunday, from 10am -5pm, we invite you to grab the whole family, friends and your dogs and come for a walk through the market.





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