• Whale of a time…

    Southern Right Whale and whale calf off coast of Warrnambool

    Our very own stallholder Chris Farrell (stall #126) has been featured on the ABC after capturing stunning photographs of a whale calf off Warrnambool.

    The whale calf was just a few days old when Chris photographed it with its mum Fang, from a light plane last week.

    And this is not just any whale calf. This little one (if you can call a whale “little”) has stunned experts as Southern Right Whales are not usually born this late in the year.

    Chris takes local whale tracker Peter Read in light planes at the regulation 1500 ft to find and photograph the whales. Capturing whale images from this height is pretty tricky but Chris has the equipment and skill required to take great photos while always ensuring that the whales are in no way disturbed.

    Chris is dedicated to the continued volunteer observation and documentation of the whales. He told us:

    “The Southern Right Whales have not recovered like the Hump backs and I decided to help with this great mammal”

    As well as Chris’ aerial whale photography, he has captured Victoria's entire coastline and has covered Melbourne's main sporting events such as the Australian Tennis Open, Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup.

    Chris is at the market every Sunday. Chat with him for a while and you’ll see his enthusiasm and knowledge of both photography and wildlife.

    And if you take home one of Chris’ fabulous photographs you’ll be very happy to hear that 10% is donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature.

    Click to see the ABC story "Latest recorded whale birth in Victorian history".


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