• Featuring Mr Bucket!

    Stall Number: 084
    Website: www.mrbucket.com.au

    This stall contains unique t-shirts featuring the iconic imagery of Mr Bucket, a mysterious man who always wears a bucket on his head.

    Described as "a modern man with blinkers", we don’t know why he wears the bucket, perhaps we all have our own metaphorical bucket! This enigma gently satirises fame, suburbia and popular culture through t-shirts, comics and movies.

    Teaching himself screen printing on his kitchen table, David Marsh also completed a typography apprenticeship and has since kept his skills up to date with the latest technology.

    Using Mr Bucket as his muse, he loves creating a narrative and each shirt is another chapter in that narrative.

    The designs are inspired by actual events and suggestions from customers. As a result, they have a life of their own.

    The shirts are designed and printed by the artist on locally-made 100% cotton t-shirts, then packaged in recycled cardboard buckets. Please go and see this on Sunday and let him know that you have read this and seen his video below.

    Mr Bucket Loves St Kilda - Some of you may have seen this video, here it is again for your enjoyment!!

    St Kilda Esplanade Market- open 10am to 5pm every Sunday of the year except for the St Kilda Festival Sunday (9 Feb 2014).

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