• A Wonderful Winter

    As we shiver through these winter months, we thought it would be a great opportunity to give a little insight into a few of our favourite winter time stallholder picks.

    Timeless Creations

    Maurice Massey’s hand felted merino, alpaca and possum fur products are beautiful and high quality. Each product is one of a kind – so you know that when you buy one, you’re taking away a unique piece of the Market. Maurice is a new member of the Market, opening his stall in the last few months, and already he has gained the admiration of many Market goers. We think his possum gloves are a perfect winter accessory (so do our Mums)!

    Mr Bucket

    A long time Market favourite, Mr Bucket’s infamous t-shirts can be worn rain, hail or shine. David Marsh (Mr Bucket creator) has recently made and released a new video that we love, which can be seen on his stallholder page (if you look hard enough you can see his “Where’s Wally” appearance at his stall!).

    Sunrise Woodcrafts

    On a recent visit to Jeff’s workshop we were treated with a remarkable display where he made a chopping board before our very eyes - we were impressed. The perfect winter time present perhaps? One of Sunrise Woodcraft’s chopping boards on the kitchen bench, a bunch of vegies fresh from the farmer’s market, ready to create the perfect winter soup! (Here at Market HQ we’re in love with Jamie’s recipe)

    So, what else has been happening in the world of the St Kilda Esplanade Market?

    When you’re having a browse we encourage you to have a good look around at the different features of the new St Kilda Esplanade Market site. Stallholder profiles allow you to browse and find your favourite stall, with contact details in case you want to check if they’ll have a particular product in stock – or you want to let a stallholder know just how much you’re enjoying your purchase!

    And for prospective stallholders, the website is the place for you too. There is a whole bunch of information on how to become a St Kilda Esplanade Market stallholder, including a rundown of all the selection criteria, the terms and conditions, and an online application form.

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact form.

    We’ve also ventured out into the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us to see all the exciting happenings at the market, along with great product pictures and some general notes of Market goodness.

    See you on Sunday!


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