• Australian Working Dog Rescue at the Market

    On Sunday Nov 22nd we had a range of volunteers from the Australian working Dog Int. join us at the market by bringing with them a group of their four legged friends that were up for adoption. Allowing community and charity groups into the market for events like this is a reasonably new iniative for the market so we were very happy with the day. AWRD Int has been doing some great work for years and so this was a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to play with some of the very friendly dogs and learn more about what the organisation does. Essentially the organisation pairs up ex working dogs (Kelpies, Blue Heelers) etc that have normally spent years working on farms or around livestock. This means they are very well trained but have huge amounts of energy, thus are not the typical dog for everyone.

    The AWRD also specialises in rescuing dogs from Death Row in pounds or worse, and then puts them into foster care whilst they are rehabilitated, micro-chipped, desexed (and sometimes nursed back to health). They are a not for profit organisation and all money raised goes back into rescuing more dogs.

    The day was great for everyone who was involved and best of all, at least one of the dogs potentially has met its new adopter parents.  The dogs are often exceptionally loyal once adopted and the range of success storys is from the organisation over the years has been huge.

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    Charity and community groups coming into the market is a relatively new thing for the market and we couldn’t be happier. We are hoping to also have a range of sausage sizzles during Sumer to help raise money for several of the local charities and community groups. Don’t be shy to get involved and come down to join in.


    It’s just another reason to visit the St Kilda Esplanade Market.



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