• Stallholder profile - Richard Mitchinson and Abby Beaumont

    This week we’re starting a series of regular stallholder profiles on the blog. If there are any in particular you’d like to hear about let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

    First cab off the rank though is the couple behind stall number 49, Richard Mitchinson and Abby Beaumont. The Espy Market Blog interviewed Abby this week and here’s what she had to say…

    Richard and Abby’s stall has been going for 20 years now. Richard is a master woodturner, working with Australian timber and Abby is an artist who makes hand painted silk scarves and tiny unique wearable art pieces.

    Richard changed his life completely 20 years ago when he swapped ‘a proper job’ and a hobby of working with pewter for the life of a full time artisan. He built a workshop, bought a lathe and searched out some mentors. He has a lifelong quest to find the perfect bowl. Richard makes bowls, salt and pepper grinder and pens all to his own designs.

    Abby has always been an artist, working mostly with oils and has constantly sought the balance between finding the income to paint and the time to do so. Her scarves are an interpretation of some early abstracts with silk and dye.

    According to Abby the thing that makes the Espy Market stand out as unique is that it is “a makers’ market, where the work is sold by the maker. The one place were a customer can be confident that they are actually buying Australian made and one of the very few places that enable an artist or artisan the possibility of making a living from their work.”

    Drop by any Sunday and visit stall 49. Abby and Richard would love to talk to you and show you their handmade wares.



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